Making Home Even Sweeter

Architecture spanning outside your walls.

At Home, increasing comfort outdoors. 

"A Terrace without a roof always look naked."

Structural Skins can be added to your property, expanding and enhancing your outdoor living space. They are perfect for covering a terrace in your backyard at home, or when seeking to cover and create an intimate cocoon space in your garden. The skin is chosen from our designer's selection of marine-grade hardware and components. These fabric roofs are tailored to the desired dimensions and form, offering a range of different architectural fabrics, qualities, colours and textures. This product is fully customizable, satisfying different needs, tastes and budgets.


Voile 879, Montreal, Canada

Residential Tensile Structure

2014, Samuel Fournier Designer

A small but elegant sail of 23sqm used uniquely as a shade.  Because waterproofing wasn't required by the house owner, a white open mesh fabric from Serge Ferrari was selected.  The sail and its anchoring points, are drawn and tailored to suit the house dimensions and the landscape design. Some anchors are fixed directly to the house, and the rest are foundations into the ground. All the hardware, mast and anchors are made of marine-grade stainless steel.  This textile canopy is meant for seasonal use and has been calculated to withstand wind loads up to 74km/h.

Material : Mesh Stamisol FT381, Serge Ferrari - This Material has been used for a Stadium by Zaha Hadid 

Architectural Membrane for home, with a selection of professional textiles and hardware 

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