Lightweight Stage Covering

The application of textile architecture in events, shows and entertainment has been there for more than a century with circus tents as the best known example. Here, we use textile architecture to cover a stage for temporary use, seasonally or permanently, ensuring musicians and their equipment remain dry in the event of bad weather. Stage covering construction can take different forms and structural configurations, but can always be customized to the needs of the client. 

Burger Park, Schloss Holten Stukenbrock Castle, Germany

Public Park Stage Cover

2014, Samuel Fournier Designer, Engineered by Zapf, for Textile Bau.

A 106sqm stage cover, erected permanently in the Schloss Holten Stukenbrock public park. This is a simple structure made of 2 arches, stabilized with cables to minimize the use of structural beams. The lighting trusses are suspended and fixed with a cable network, attached to the structural arches. The cover has a width spanning 11,0m and a vertical clearance of approx. 5,0m.  All foundations are permanent and the structure can be dismantled quickly for removal or maintenance. Material: Painted Steel Structure with PES-PVC Serge Ferrari 1002S.

Outdoor Theater Bad Elster - The same idea goes giant!

2014, by Textile Bau

This stage cover employs the same primary concept and principles.  The permanently erected theatre roof has a width span of 23,0m and a vertical clearance of approx. 17,0m, for a total area covering 790sqm and has been calculated to withstand wind and snow loads. Material: Painted Steel Structure with PES-PVC Mehler Mehatop FR 900 and FR 1400.