The Royal Terminal, a prestigious work for the King of Saudi Arabia

Royal Terminal, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Inner Membrane Ceiling

2007, with Rasch+Bradatsch Architekturbüro, Stuttgart

The Royal Terminal at the Airport of Jeddah was built and completed in the early  80's and it has been renovated in 2007. In the main hall of the building, the initial gips ceiling was replaced by a tensile fabric ceiling, highly ornamented with 892 led down lights made of glass. A state-of-the-art central lighting system beaming light into a large crystal chandelier illuminating the hall. The textile assembly of multiple tones of blue and golden strips was built into one single piece, made of a custom weaved PTFE material from Switzerland, carefully sewn by hand in Germany. The ceiling overlay an exclusive room, an official door into the Kingdom of Saudi.

Description: Steel Sub Structure, 1400sqm Tensile Membrane Structure, Custom PTFE Weaved Fabric, PTFE ornements, Led Lighting System.

Project by: Rasch+Bradatsch, Stuttgart, Germany/SL Rasch GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

Samuel Fournier Designer: Project and Design Management, Detailed design, Installation supervision

Royal Terminal Umbrellas - Ornemental Design

Royal Terminal, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

28.6m Ornamented Umbrellas

2007, with Rasch+Bradatsch, Stuttgart, Germany

Two 28.6m umbrellas by SL-Rasch, model similar to those use at the Medina. These beautiful giant retractable funelled umbrellas are the result of decades of development by Dr.Rasch and his team.The ornamental design using different tones of custom PTFE green fabric recalls the national colour and icon, the palm tree.   

Description: Retractable 28.6x28.6m funelled umbrellas, Tensile skin: Ornemented PTFE Fabric

Rasch+Bradatsch, Stuttgart, Germany/SL Rasch GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

Samuel Fournier Designer: Ornemental Pattern Design.