Floating Architecture Innovated by Lightweight Structures

Lightweight Roof System for Floating Platforms,

Wisely composed with Archimede's Principle of Buoyancy.

These lightweight roof structures were especially developed and designed for a marina planner and manufacturer, using their existing standard floating platforms and common components.  It has been introduced as a new line of product in their catalogue.

Above architectural and aesthetic values, the challenging task for the designer's team was to develop a clever and light structural system that could resist the extreme conditions of the sea while keeping structural integrity and the membrane under prestress.

The lightweight and flexible roof structure system was engineered to resist high winds up to 100km/h and considerable deflections of the platforms under wave effect. Moreover, the roof required integration of a mechanical system to ease the retraction of the architectural skins, in the case of a weather emergency and maintenance.

The structural frame is built entirely of aluminum and the members are connected with flexible joints. This strategy is applied to each connection of the roof structures to avoid local stress peaks, as aluminum is dangerously susceptible to fatigue.  All components used on these structure are of marine grade, to withstand the aggressive environmental conditions.

This project received an award for excellence and has been featured in several marina magazines, as it is the first of its kind in the industry.  


Description: 48, 60 and 127sqm units of Convertible Tensile Structure, Total of 3250sqm, Ferrari 702S or 702T2 PES-PVC fabric

Marinturk Göcek Exclusive Marina, Poruklu, Turkey (2009):  13no. x60sqm, 23no. x48sqm, 2no. x127sqm /Total Covering Surface : 2138sqm

Samuel Fournier Designer: Complete Design and Production Management.

Structures designed and built at marine grade

Setting new standards in luxury leasure harbours

Planning a unique and exclusive floating resort?

In the last several years, there has been a growing trend for floating architecture and a great enthusiasm in proposing innovative ideas and concepts. The use of lightweight structures offers loads of advantages: an aesthetic that perfectly matches the marine environment, efficient structures that resist waves and wind, and the lightweight nature works well with buoyancy. The intelligence in these structures, and the freedom of form and expression, simply gives more possibilities to designers, architects and planners.

The eagerness to develop new visions is always there, starting with a sketch and evolving into a unique, exclusive marine-grade floating structures and buildings.

Lightweight structures can be use as roofs, and can also be seen as a architectural design method, proposing innovative solutions to make any kind of floating architecture, floating resorts, floating hotel, floating restaurants,  marine sport station, underwater observation station, and even floating islands.  You have a vision, we have a design and engineering solution to make it possible.