Lightweight Architecture and Branding

A brand new product, fully branded, printed on structural fabric, for longterm outdoor usage.

Good Food, Good Life, Good Jazz

Nestlé Pavillion, Montreux Jazz Festival

Temporary Branded Lightweight Structure

2012. Samuel Fournier Designer

We developed a concept proposal for Nestlé to be their corporate pavilion for the International Montreux Jazz Festival. The pavilion was planned to be installed on a lake front deck, right on the border of Leman Lake in Vevey, Switzerland.

The structural ring, bent in the shape of an heart, recalls the Nestlé logo while its true function was to ensure the structural integrity of this temporary construction. The tensile skin, prestressed within that structural ring, is printed with thematic graphics.  New skins with new graphics can be printed and fabricated, evolving over the years with the changing thematics. The transparent side wall is printed with slogans and words, wrapped on the surface.

The entire lightweight structural system is dismountable, compactable, easy to transport and can be used at different sites.  The structure is made of aluminum alloy, making an already lightweight design lighter. 

This concept proposal expresses the full freedom of what form membrane and lightweight structures have to offer, and this rendering proposes these large tensile surfaces as a branding medium.

Banco Posta Lab!

Banco Posta Lab, Italy

Temporary Branded Structure - Service Booth

2009, with Designlibero

"We believe that a well-designed temporary structure can be the right tool to boost brand visibility, create a healthy dose of buzz and improve the user experience." DesignLibero

Here, we demonstrate a temporary service booth made with an aluminum frame and flooring system, covered by a colourful and branded pressurized double wall skin.  The interior design integrates all the promotion and communication items, and hide all equipment such as the air machine for the inflation of the outer skin and ventilation to offer comfort to the users.

Westfield Mall, Luxury Brand Temporary Shop, UK

Temporary Branded Inflated Structure

2009, with Designlibero

The Westfield Mall intended to install this temporary structure inside the mall to be used as temporary shop or promotion booth for a diverse range of luxury brands such as BMW, Rolex and others.

The concept propose a double skin inflated form, playing with different textures and transparency, for an appealing outlook and aesthetic.  The inflated double skin creates a fully opened hall, free of inner support.  The geometry proposed is simple and pure, allowing to the brand all the needed surface space for promotion.

Wind Telecom Booth, Italy

Corporate Booth - Using AirPanels

2013, with Designlibero

Air Panels, inflating flat!

Together with DesignLibero, this booth concept was proposed to Wind Telecom. It is composed of rotomolded furniture with interchangeable graphic support.  The canopy and the walls exploit the Airpanels, a PVC coated double wall fabric, that can be pressurized, remaining flat and rigid.

Airpanels can be very efficient in booth construction since they are lightweight, fully collapsable and can be tightly packed down to a minimal volume for ease of transport. With Airpanels, pressurized inflatables have never been flat and rigid, yet by putting togethe,r our imaginations and skills, our team of designers and architect were able to create the desired rigidity in the Airpanels but still allowing the panels to be rolled down and tightly packed.  The bottom line from this design: Practically any polyhedra can be made, and the curvature controlled, if a concept requires it.